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What nationalites are we from?

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This will vary depending on which branch of the family you are from. However, all of the current generation have immigrants going back to the 1600s in America so the easiest answer is Old American. Most of those early ancestors were English or Germans seeking religious freedom. The most recent ancestors (arriving after 1800 and of greater percentage foreign blood) include:

Green - The Green name is actually adopted and by birth father is (Holstrom) Swedish arriving about 1810. Mathew Long arrived from Ireland about 1850. William Metty arrived from Germany about 1844.

Owens - All arriving before 1800 but including McCoys, McClures and McClains of Scottish background. Mecy Herrin born 1805 may be of Native American origin. See this question.

Phillips - Charles Nagel arrived in 1859 from Germany. James Sullivan and Catherine Keef both arrived from Ireland around 1852 and married in 1853. Thomas and Emma Matthews arrived from England in the 1850s.

Seastrom - Gustav Seastrom jumped ship in 1905 to leave Sweden. He Married Hannah Nylen, who's parents were born in Sweden and married in Minnesota. The Stevens line traces all the way back to the Mayflower with the most recent arrival being Tilley Richardson who came from Nova Scotia, Canada in the 1840s.