Saturday, August 27, 2016

Isaac Selover 1660-1715

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The book The Dutch schools of New Netherland and colonial New York lists Isaac Selover as a schoolmaster in Flatbush, New York (present day Brooklyn) from 1711-1715. Other sources list him as a schoolmaster in the Netherlands before coming to New Castle Delaware where he is found on tax lists in 1683 and 1687.

He also is on tax lists as a shopkeeper in New York and had church membership transferred from New Amersfoort to New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church September 3, 1696. On June 10, 1700 membership was transferred to the French Church in New York City.

 He was married Jan 13, 1695 in New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church to Jannekan van Wilkenhof. He was previously married to Hester Leenda with whom he had daughter Susannah Slover.