Saturday, December 03, 2016

Stookey Burials

Burial of Jane (Wilson) Stookey

While conversing with a distant cousin recently about Henry Stookey, she sent me photos of the grave marker of Henry's first wife (and our Green>Stookey ancestor) Jane Wilson. She is buried in Compton Cemetery which is on the White farm in Fayette County SE of New Holland, Ohio. Compton Cemetery

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Burial of Henry Stookey

I have had trouble finding the death and burial of Henry Stookey born in 1810 in Hampshire, Virginia. He had lived in Ross County, Ohio and moved to McPherson County, Kansas after he was 70 years old where his son Eathan and cousin Jacob were living. Previously someone had posted a death date of 1894 but it was without a source.

In looking for a cemetery record, I found Henry Stooky in a plot next to a Floyd Stooky in McPherson cemetery. I requested a photo on and a kind person went to take a photo for me. Unfortunately they found no grave marker for Henry but they took a photo of the marker for Floyd. Floyd E Stookey was the infant son of Eathan Allen Stookey and the grandson of Henry Stookey who died in 1883. While there was no marker, cemetery records in the city office confirmed a Henry Stooky was buried there in 1891. It could have been another young son of Eathan Allen but it could also be his father I am looking for.  McPherson CemeteryMcPherson Cemetery

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