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  1. Throwback Thursday Topic: Regional Expressions and Names
    One of the wondrous thing about traveling to visit family in various parts of the country was hearing the different expressions used by our family. It went beyond the whole soda vs. pop vs. coke debate (although we did have that discussion on a regular basis and for the record, the correct term is “pop”).… Read more
  2. Second chances and emotional reunions in the next “Long Lost Family”
    With the new season of Long Lost Family now in full swing and tissue sales at an all-time high, Davina McCall & Nicky Campbell continue to give us front row seats at some beautiful family reunions. In episode three we hear the stories of Richard Cue and Tania Bartlett. While both stories are different they… Read more
  3. Celebrate Cousin Day: Making a DNA Connection Isn’t Lucky. It’s Likely.
    You can’t predict when a DNA connection will happen, but when it does it’s definitely worth celebrating.  Take these two AncestryDNA users who not only work together, but sit back to back to each other. Both took the test and found out they’re not only co-workers – they’re cousins. Who would have thought? “It was… Read more
  4. Connecting with Cousins
    For years, I battled with the decision over whether to make my tree public or private. What if there was something wrong in it? I do a lot of my research offline and a lot of my pre-computer research resides in binders. I’ve used that and more recent research over the years to construct timelines… Read more
  5. What You Might Have Missed: July 22 Edition
    Blogs “Dear Census Taker: Read the Instructions” by Amy Johnson Crow “It’s Greek to Me: What We Can Learn From the Rosetta Stone” by Amy Johnson Crow “What We Are Reading: July 18 Edition” by Amy Johnson Crow “Welcome to the Mountain State: West Virginia State Research Guide” by Anne Gillespie Mitchell “5 Things… Read more